Saturday, October 3, 2015

Motor Controller Photo Dump

I realized that I never made an update to the motor controller post after someone messaged me about it. Here's a photo dump for now.

 Case from Rapid Sheet Metal

Bus bar test fit

 Heatsink to be.

 Machine running fist side.

IGBT side.

Test fit before starting side 2.

 Channel side coming out of the CNC.

Ports go on the left.

 First cold plate fitting.

Holes line up on the PCB. 

 NPT tapping.

 Leak test, no issues!

 More components going in. Red layer is FR-4 insulation. Ribbon cables are extended.

Isolation monitor in.

 Test wiring job.

 Upgraded cables with shielding.

 One of the only options we found that met our/FSAE specs.

 In the car, all wired.

 Output (motor) side.

 Bus bar to capacitor connection.

Rear quarter shot showing the controller location. Batteries are below, high voltage disconnect is above.

Until next time.