Sunday, November 3, 2013

Big Motor

I've been doing some research on various electric motors that would be good replacements in my tractor. I found out Motenergy (formerly Mars Electric) makes a motor, called the ME1004, designed to be a drop in replacement for small tractors. I didn't think such a thing existed, but there it is. It's more motor than I need (I think) and at >$500, more than I felt justified spending on a single component.

As chance would have it, an ebay auction for the 1004 popped up last week, made aware to me through a chain of EV-involved friends on facebook. I decided on a maximum bid and waited until the last few minutes to submit it. It ended up going a bit over my max, but I still won the auction at $220. For this much motor that's a pretty good deal and I feel that it willl be a good choice. The seller also had a set of lightly used replacement brushes that I bought for $30.

Again, through sheer luck, the seller was local and a really nice guy. He agreed to forgo the shipping charges and deliver the parts in person. Less than 24 hours after the auction closed, I have what is essentially the perfect motor for an electric tractor conversion at a very reasonable price.

Meet the ME1004:

DC brushed motor
Nominal Voltage: 48V
Continuous Current: 200A
Peak Current (1 min): 400A
Continuous Power: 6.4 kW
Peak Power (1 min): 16 kW
Efficiency: 90%
Size: 8" OD x 6.4" L
Weight: 30 lbs.

So now I have the motor; one step closer to ridiculousness. I'm going to have to be sure the mechanics (like steering and brakes) are tip top so no accidents happen. That's a pretty good argument for staying within typical tractor speed, at least until I decide how much gets sunk into this project.

Mini update:
I like to keep my SolidWorks skills up to par, so this happened. If, for whatever reason, someone wants this CAD, send me an email or comment below.

Until next time.