Monday, January 13, 2014

Arts and crafts

I did a few things over break that weren't so technical but maybe were still a bit interesting. For that reason it's going to be mostly pictures.

My family did a Secret Santa exchange this year. I helped my brother make this holder for his gift to one of our cousins.
The base is walnut scrap from the nearby gun stock factory. The recessed plate is aluminum. The upright brass portion came from the gas lamps that we took out of our Burning Man trailer. The wire cross bar is bent stainless steel bicycle spoke. Normally I wouldn't mix this many materials but it doesn't look bad with everything there.

My grandma lives next door to my parents, and grandma needed a railing. The whole house is made of redwood, and so is the fence, and the back porch, I think you can see where this is going. I worked with my dad on this one; he also built the fence and porch sometime before I was born. 
The railing continues to the right where she parks her car.

This corner intersected with some weird compound angle so I chiseled a transition. I want to try out wood carving sometime, it's pretty satisfying. 

I baked a German chocolate cake for a New Years Eve party. 

Lastly, here's something I made back in November.

It's the paper mask I wore for Halloween copied in brass. I bent the rods with pliers and soldered the ends together. The design is a partial from this low poly mask on Thingiverse. Bending wires nicely in three-space was a bit of a challenge and I had to adjust the angles many times over before soldering.

More technical things to follow. I'm working in LEES again this January so I should have some neat things to share soon.

Until next time.