Thursday, April 4, 2013


I'm preparing velociraptors for this year's CPW. They're part of a target practice game. Come to Simmons if you'd like to play!

I love me some laser cutter. I pulled the source image from a jpeg then played around with CorelDraw to get a decent vector. The slot construction at the bottom is designed to fit on the back of the seats that are in the Sims MPR. My first test doing the surface details accidentally got sliced all the way through and I ended up with a dinosaur puzzle. Oops. A lot of the paths were being traced multiple times which was causing the cut through. I tried to get Corel to fix it for me but I eventually just sat there deleting lines for a half an hour. I also dialed the power way down. 100% speed, 10% power of 120 watts.

The main reason I went with vectors (as opposed to raster) is the time. I bought enough wood to make 24 of these guys. A raster this size would take at least 20 minutes, probably more like 30. After getting the vector nice (no double lines) each dino took about 5 minutes.

I may try another raptor design if I feel like there's time. Even at 5 minutes each these are going to take 2 more hours to cut. I'm hoping to get some artistic volunteers to help paint them so I don't poke my eye out with a paint brush. Updates to come.

Until next time.