Thursday, March 28, 2013

Stain and Steering

I didn't post any updates yesterday. I wanted to do a daily thing but working in the shop until 11:30 last night and then staying up until 4:30 to paint the neighbors room pushed the post back. Bummer.

We were busy yesterday. The uprights are done. The steering is done. The block is stained. The motor is mounted. We have a rolling chassis.

These are the uprights, milled and drilled. I was worried about tapping the 5/8"-11 thread but it turned out to be way easier than the small (#4, #6) taps I'm used to.

This shows how the steering works. The threaded rod pushes the wheels out when you move the handlebars. This setup is called Ackermann steering. It has to do with the geometry of two wheels going around two circles of different radii. Basically the tire on the inside of the turn will have a greater angle with respect to the frame. We sorta kinda estimated this and it seems fine so far.

Just riding around the shop under human power has made one thing clear; kneeling on bolt heads isn't super comfortable. That's something we'll have to work on over then next month.

We picked Red Mahogany stain to finish our block. I somehow managed to not take a picture of it on the car. The above photo doesn't really do the color justice.

Input Requested:

As our car nears readiness we have a major dilemma, it's nameless! With all the above in mind please suggest names for this kart. Maybe the winner can get a ride on it or something if they're in Boston and the poor thing doesn't get disassembled and sold for scrap (more on this later). The name will definitely be laser etched into different part of the car along with any associated logos or imagery.

Let's hear it.

Until next time.