Sunday, March 24, 2013

Accelerating into Spring Break

After some logistical issues with the waterjet over the past two weeks we now have parts in hand and my my, are they pretty. Here's a portion of our uprights:

Vehicle fans might notice they are missing the actual uprights at this point. The uprights are going to be machined from 1" aluminum plate and ride on the bronze bushings you see in the above picture. Below is a snapshot from SolidWorks of our wheel assembly. The upright block that needs to be made is outlined in blue.

I could print out a fancy dimensioned drawing from the program but instead I just used a pencil and ruler directly on the stock. I'll start by cutting with the bandsaw, mill the critical face flat (that's the one that the wheel bearing touches), then drill the holes. I had this block laying around in my room from another project that just happens to be perfect for this part.

I rough cut the uprights. Take a look see.

We went to Home Depot today. This is going to be a productive week. Stay tuned.

Until next time.